It is that time again and we aren't holding back!


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- 35% OFF the following sections: Misc. Weapons

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Meet your Makers!

"Enjoy it already love the color, the fit of it and everything i cant wait too start putting everything on it. Becuase of covid-19 it took awhile to get made but that's totally understandable. Once it was finished it came pretty darn quick. The owner answered within a couple hours of any questions I had so great communication"

Laxar (Mandalorian Flak Vest)

"Basic keypad which is exactly what i needed and received. All products i ordered were shipped and received in a timely manner. I would 100% purchase from here again"

ccipalone (Star Wars Mandalorian Gauntlets Add-Ons)

"This thing is awesome. It's light weight yet sturdy very solid construction. It's also a very accurate representation. Overall a very fine addition to my collection. You won't be disappointed with the quality of this product."

Mark (Star Wars Tusken Raider mask/helmet (ANH))