We are disabling sales of custom-made items (*SECONDS* items are still available) until such time that we can catch up with ALL the orders that we have in our queue currently.

This is not an easy decision by any means, but a fair one, we believe, on behalf of our customer base.

As soon as we finish our orders, we will let you know the next steps in AGConstrux Design's future!

Meet your Makers!

"Enjoy it already love the color, the fit of it and everything i cant wait too start putting everything on it. Becuase of covid-19 it took awhile to get made but that's totally understandable. Once it was finished it came pretty darn quick. The owner answered within a couple hours of any questions I had so great communication"

Laxar (Mandalorian Flak Vest)

"Basic keypad which is exactly what i needed and received. All products i ordered were shipped and received in a timely manner. I would 100% purchase from here again"

ccipalone (Star Wars Mandalorian Gauntlets Add-Ons)

"This thing is awesome. It's light weight yet sturdy very solid construction. It's also a very accurate representation. Overall a very fine addition to my collection. You won't be disappointed with the quality of this product."

Mark (Star Wars Tusken Raider mask/helmet (ANH))