Star Wars Proper Mandalorian beskad

Star Wars Proper Mandalorian beskad

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This listing is for a proper (17" blade length) beskad.

This beskad comes with leather wrapped handle, and comes in two different mediums:



More info on the beskad:
A beskad was a traditional Mandalorian saber, primarily forged from nearly indestructible beskar iron. Comprised of a single-edged blade with a leather-bound hilt, the beskad was a weighty and incredibly resilient weapon, capable of delivering powerful blows with each swing. Designed to batter down an enemy's defenses, beskad were a favored weapon of the ancient Mandalorian warriors, though the use of the heavy iron blade spanned millennia.

Purchase of this product does not guarantee you membership in any costume clubs. 
Seller assumes no personal/professional responsibility for any costume club acceptance/denial. 
Please allow up to 10 -15 weeks for delivery.
IF you order pre-painted, pre-formed armor from me, it will come to you in this format:
1) Pre-formed to the generic boba shape WOF template based on your height.
2) painted in the scheme you told me to paint it.
3) All armor is hand cut. There may be tooling marks present.
This is heat-sensitive materials. If it sits in a hot space for more than an hour, deformation of shaping or paint could occur.


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